It has been awhile…

So I haven’t posted anything on here for a long time.  I plan on changing that!  Sometimes you don’t have the motivation or so many other things are going on in your life and you don’t get around to doing all the things you would like to do.  I think that is just called “Life.”

I am going to start adding videos of me cooking on here very soon as well as my nutrition lectures.  Many things have changed since my last post:

I have finally graduated from Loma Linda University with my Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics.  I passed my boards and I am a Registered Dietitian.  I moved back to Charleston, SC briefly while I was studying and working.  Then, I decided I wanted to live on a boat again. I was boat hunting for a long time trying to find the perfect layout for a reasonable price.  We finally found a boat and it was located near St. Augustine FL.  Since I hadn’t ever been to St. Augustine before I had no idea what a cute town it was when I arrived.  It reminds me of a smaller Charleston, SC.  There was a winery, chocolate factory, and distillery with in a few blocks of each other.  You can’t go wrong with all of those places.  We thought maybe we should stay awhile here.  The boat needed some work done to it so we were living “on the hard,” as we call it.  That means we were living on land in the boat.  Since there really wasn’t much power we were limited on cooking and pretty much everything.

Our dog Kane, slipped or jumped off the boat about 15 ft to the rocks below.  He was looking pretty pathetic.  We took he to the vet and apparently he didn’t break this paw but it was very swollen and painful.  Joey (my boyfriend) had to lower him down with his life jacket to the ground when he needed to use the bathroom.  He weighs about 70 lbs so I wasn’t going to attempt that.

Eventually with a lot of sweat and dirt, we got Gills and Thrills in the water.  Not without paying a large bill because the marine surveyor we used forgot to turn off a light and the batteries ran down.  So when we go in the water we needed 2 new batteries, the yard to fix a leak that was starting to fill up the boat a little, and a new port starter.  Even though it was expensive it was so nice to be able to use the over-head lights, stove, refrigerator and A/C!

I am working at a hospital about 45 mins away in Palm Coast, FL as a Clinical Dietitian.  I don’t work as much as I would like but a enjoy it when I do.  It is a small hospital that doesn’t need more than 1 dietitian at a time.  I have also started doing a monthly nutrition presentation at the local library.  “Eating Well With Ellen” is the name of the series and I liked the title so much it is the name of my business.

I am starting to teach people how to cook healthy dishes by doing private and group cooking lessons too.

So that is a little bit of what I have been up to since I last posted anything.  I also tested the Eggplant Balls and I have since adjusted that recipe to reflect the improvements I have made to it.  I appreciate you stopping by to read my blog.  If I can post anything that you are interested in me cooking or writing about, please let me know and I will try to make a recipe or write about  what you are interested in!

“When You Eat, You Should Eat Well”  Ellen


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