Spiced Kale Salad

Curried Kale Salad

I am one of those people for LOVE kale.  Before I moved to California I never had tried it.  I’m not sure why but,it is so tasty.  I have made kale chips before and devoured them in a sitting.

This dish is one that I can also devour in one sitting.  It has the right touch of sweetness within a savory dish.  I made this up one day with what was in my cupboard.


This dish is so simple to make too!  First add oil to the pan, then add cumin and turmeric.  then I like to toast the pine nuts with the spices.  Add kale mix around, ensuring that you coat the kale with the spices.  Then once it has ben sautéed enough so it starts to get darker add cranberries! Voila! It is done and you have a healthy side dish.  I have to admit I have eaten the entire thing myself, that is how much I enjoy it!

Enjoy! If it works out for you please let me know!


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